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About Eagle Nation

Welcome to the Eagle Nation Collective. We're here to support our student-athletes, and GATA just one more time.

Our Story

Whose house? Our house

Eagle Nation Collective is the Official NIL Collective of Georgia Southern Athletics and was created for the purpose of leveraging name, image, and likeness (NIL) opportunities for Georgia Southern student-athletes. The Collective was created by a group of investors and alumni to generate NIL opportunities through a variety of activities, including social media endorsements, appearances, meet and greets, autographs, digital content, and more. We are here to unify the gap between the fan base and the field of play. Our players benefit from fan contributions, getting better equipment and better facilities. These lead to better players and better programs. In return, our fans get exclusive interviews, opportunities to know the players and coaches, exclusive merchandise, and a chance to be an integral part of Eagle Nation Athletics.

Black and white photo of championship-winning Georgia Southern University football coach, Erk Russell.

The Meaning of the Mark

Behind the Flag

Leveraging the legacy of the Georgia Southern brand with the power of athletes’ names, images, and likenesses, the Eagle Nation Collective is here to help you champion a new era of Georgia Southern Athletics.

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Our Team

Eagle Nation Staff

Founder's Club

The Founder’s Club is the Eagle Nation Collective’s Advisory Board. These individuals, names listed below, whose purpose will be to help identify student-athletes to provide NIL deals, help raise funds, serve as ambassadors in the community, review organizational strategy, and participate in various events and forums.

Eagle Nation Collective's Pledge

Financial Disclosures

Soaring Partnerships

Georgia Southern Football | #25 Jalen White running with the football
Georgia Southern University football team with Freedom the Eagle and his handler, Steve Hein.
Georgia Southern University softball team celebrating at the plate after a home run